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This web site ( is operated by Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

We abide by the NHS’s strict standards for protecting and processing individuals’ data.

Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust will only keep any information you send to them through this web site for as long as necessary to process the request that you have made. Any information you send through this web site may be passed between other NHS organisations in order to deal with your request or comment.

Looking after your records

Everyone in the NHS has a legal duty to keep information about their patients confidential, and great care is taken to ensure that high standards of confidentiality are maintained. The Data Protection Act (1998) sets out those standards.

Patient Records

For us to look after patients we must keep a record of their name, address, date of birth and family doctor.

We have to record information about the medical condition, related tests and treatment, drugs given or operations. We may record information about the illnesses of other family members, information from GPs, or other hospitals where treatment has been received.

Looking after information

All personal information about patients is kept in the hospital case notes or on computer. The Data Protection Act makes sure all the information is kept safely and also gives all patients certain rights.

Patients, or their guardians, have the right to see the information which we keep.  All information is kept securely and only those who need it to help with treatment, have access to it.

We only pass on the information about our patients if the other person has a genuine need to know or to protect your health.

We only pass on the information which is needed and no more. The Data Controller is Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

Sharing & using information

We may have to share information with GPs, other hospitals, social services or schools. You or your child may be receiving or need care from other organisations who will need information from us in order that we may work together.

We have to share information with the NHS to ensure that treatment is properly funded and carried out. The information may not identify individual patients and is usually to help plan future needs of the NHS to check that we are performing satisfactorily, or that a type of treatment is effective.

We also carry out reviews ourselves to help improve investigation and treatment, this is called Clinical Audit.

Some conditions or infectious diseases are reviewed by national registers. Sometimes this does require patients’ names and if this is so, you will be told about it.

All those who handle this information are fully aware that it has to remain confidential even if it does not identify anyone.

Teaching and Research

Teaching and research are very important in the NHS and this hospital is a teaching hospital. We have a responsibility to the students’ universities and colleges to see that they are properly taught and supervised whilst they are with us.

  • Our patients have the opportunity to refuse to have any students take part in their treatment.
  • Part of the students’ training may involve reviewing some patient records and test results.
  • If any of our students or staff involved in any research project would like to use information
  • About individual patients, the patient or their guardian will be kept informed.
  • Permission will be asked whenever it may be possible to identify any patient individually.

All students are fully aware that it is their duty to keep confidential the information they use during their training.

Partner Organisations

Some facilities at Alder Hey are operated in partnership with private contractors, and information about our patients may be seen by their employees. They are required to work to the same standards of confidentiality as all NHS employees, and we have agreements and contracts in place to ensure these standards are maintained.

Incident reporting and complaints

Sometimes we need to use patient information to help us investigate untoward incidents, complaints or legal claims. If a patient is identified, they or their guardian will be informed.

National Health Service Litigation Authority

The NHSLA has a legal duty to manage and raise the standards of risk management throughout the NHS. In order to achieve this, all NHS trusts are assessed every few years against a set of risk management standards which are based on those factors which give rise to the greatest number and cost of claims. More information about the NHSLA risk management programme is available on its website .

As part of the assessment process, the assessors will look at a small number of sets of patient notes and a selection of incident report forms. None of these documents will be removed from the premises. The aim is to ensure that these documents are created and managed in accordance with appropriate policies and procedures: for example whether they are written clearly, signed and dated and stored securely. The assessors are not concerned with individual patient details. They are all professional people who have previously worked in NHS organisations and are now employed on behalf of the NHSLA under strict principles of confidentiality.

We may not pass on information from which patients can be identified without the patient’s (or their guardian’s) permission, except for emergency treatment or for official Health Service statistics or if the law demands it.

Access to your health record

You or your guardian are entitled to apply for access to and receive copies of your health records, you can do this by contacting the Access to Health Records in the Medical Records Department (at the address below).The Caldicott Guardian is responsible for ensuring information about you is used properly at Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust. For more information write to: The Caldicott Guardian (at the address below).

To help us keep information up to date, let us know as soon as possible if you change your name, address or family doctor.

This information can be made available in other languages and formats if requested.

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